I'm Heather. 27. Studio Art: Video major. I strive to follow the “Find something you love to do and you'll never have to work a day in your life” motto.

This random blog is an outlet for me to vent my frustrations, share my beliefs, opinions, and other various interests. Occasionally NSFW as well.
*You have been forewarned*
Might as well find
something to smile about

I’ve just realized its going to be a whole lot shittier if I just sit here waiting than it will be to try my hardest and fail. What was I so afraid of?

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I HATE how much I worry… It’s gotten so bad I am unable to function at times


And the worse part… I know I should not worry, that everything almost always turns out fine


I hate feeling like I can’t do anything/am incapable of finishing important things.


It makes it like 200 times harder to finish the thing.

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Sometimes you can’t explain what crazy your mind is going through. That’s what makes it so hard. You’re drowning and everyone’s in the water having fun, asking you what’s wrong, and you try to speak but your lungs are burning and you’re starting to sink under heavy, heavy thoughts.
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Dear Anxiety,

Go away.


Dear me,

Nobody hates you as much as you think they do.


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All you people with your beautiful fan art and amazing blogs how on earth are you so fucking talented damn it

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Does anyone else get depressed because everyone else in your life is doing so well and you’re just struggling along just trying to get by?

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WTF is wrong with me today?

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AU where we’re all well rested and everyone loves their job

*Had my dream job.

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I feel like green is an underrated colour

like idk people seem to often go to red and purple and black and stuff but like

just take a second to appreciate how pretty green is


I appreciate it more because that’s my husband’s favorite color. Also I find it interesting that my favorite color is close to his. 

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All those people who still think it’s to early for halloween


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Beginning to watch Reel Injun (again)…


I love watching documentaries where you learn about the history of the portrayal of a racial or ethnic minority group.  I think it’s because it’s a reminder of how far we’ve come in cinema, BUT we still have a long way to go. 

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Watching Reel Injun


If anyone’s interested in Native American ancestry… I mean how it really was, not how Hollywood tells you it was, watch it.

Actually don’t. Fuck, it’s depressing :/

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shoutout to people working weekends and overnights and overtime, people working in hospitality and retail and food service, who are sacrificing time with their loved ones, so fuckers with weekday desk jobs get to live comfortably with the amenities we provide while simultaneously shitting all over us for not getting “real jobs”

This literally does not happen

You literally have no concept of the grown-up world.

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